Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark Murphy for NEA Jazz Master and Downbeat Singer of the Year?

The NEA Jazz Masters ceremony is going on even as I type this, and once again Mark Murphy is not among the group. Since Jon Hendricks and as of tonight, Annie Ross, have been so honored, it seems logical that Mark should be the next jazz vocalist to become an honoree in 2011. However, if no one nominates him, this will not occur. I strongly urge all his fans to so encourage the NEA by going to its site.

While I'm at it, also want to mention that Mark Murphy did not get chosen as Jazz Vocalist of the Year in the latest Downbeat Readers Poll. Can you believe it? An innovator like him is shut out, yet that guy I mentioned in an earlier blogpost "who has stolen from the best" gets voted in ahead of the master. Not sure when nominations will be solicited for that honor as well, but when the time does come, let's all make sure we vote for Mark.

Okay enough spleen-venting. Next blogpost--back to business as usual!

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